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100+ Winter Soups and Stews to Keep You Warm During the Winter

My favorite time of year has arrived: soup season. There is something just so darn comforting about a hot bowl of soup in my hands during the winter time.

Soup: it’s the ultimate comfort food. When the nights are cold, the wind is howling, and the chill sinks deep into our bones it is soup that we crave. After a difficult day of being human, we long for the warmth of a hot cup of soup. When our noses are stuffy and our bodies ache, we reach for the version with chicken and noodles.

It restoreth the soul. And of course it is always best when our cups runneth over.

I have compiled a list of over 100 recipes that will fill your belly, keep you warm, and feed your soul — so grab your biggest spoon and bowl — and dig in.

Did You Make Any Soup From this List?

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