About the Blog

Serving up Spice is for the “servant-less American Cook” as culinary icon Julia Child would say. It’s a place for the ordinary home cook to master the craft, the art of cooking. We’ll be learning how to cook delicious food — food that invites you to eat and tastes good.  

We’ll go back to the basics. This means paying attention to the details, using the proper techniques, and remembering the fundamentals. We won’t use fancy equipment or any pretentious ingredients here, because I believe good food should be accessible to everyone. We all deserve to eat well. 

I’m all about a meal that takes love and care, time and grit. There won’t be a lot of shortcuts or quick tricks. Some things will take longer to prepare than others. You won’t find hundreds of recipes to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. Simply following recipes is not the goal here. If you follow a recipe, you might be able to make a dish. But if you learn a technique, you can make a meal. Let’s begin. 

About the Blogger

Hi! I’m Taylor, and I’m the creator of Serving up Spice. I’ve always loved being in the kitchen and I’m a writer by nature. A food blog seems like a natural way to combine two of my favorite things: food and words. The recipes you’ll find here are approachable and uncomplicated — the same way I like to cook and eat in my own kitchen!

I do have some help running the site, and you can find a picture of my cute coworker, Andy, down below.

Photo Credit: Darcey Bailey

Let me know if you want to see more of lil Andrew, and I will be happy to oblige.

My life is pretty much dedicated to the blog but I also enjoy: painting, attending St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, spending time with my besties — B.J and Patty (we like to call ourselves 3 Bitter Bitches or 3BB for short), and playing sudoku.